One-stop-shop to comply
with European regulation and market rules

The regulatory environment for European energy traders is becoming increasingly complex. New compliance obligations for energy traders are constantly being invented on both European and national level. At the same time, compliance with national requirements seems to be ever harder as implementation of EU rules can be different in EU Member States. This is particularly true for gas markets and capacity trading.

Operating with these increasing and changing regulations can feel like navigating in a “compliance jungle”. Taking timely action with respect to trade reporting, obtaining or extending the right shipper or supply licenses, when you need them, or fulfilling your obligations as a trading market participant can feel like trying to cross that jungle – without a compass.

Regulatory reporting triggered by being a physical gas shipper, an electricity grid user, or a trading license holder requires increasing financial resources for compliance, whereas the current market environment calls for cutting costs.


  • facilitates access into new energy markets, through the provision of up-to-date information on market access rules and procedures at wholesale level;
  • offers a comprehensive and structured overview in English of national regulations triggering compliance obligations for energy market participants and presents these national regulations trackable through first-hand sources;
  • enables savings on compliance and overhead costs for energy trading companies through offering a continuous regulatory monitoring service in energy markets of your choice.

Who we are

Correggio Consulting is an independent, international consultancy based in Brussels, specialised in regulatory advisory services for the gas and electricity sector. Correggio Consulting is best known for its Correggio Regulatory Report, covering energy market development, energy policy and financial regulation across the EU.