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The fourth negotiation round between the EU and the UK on their future relation was concluded on 4 June. Major disagreements remain around ensuring a level playing field, fisheries, and other concerns. Progress on energy and climate has also been limited.

The EU remains committed to negotiating a single agreement, while the UK would like to have a core Free Trade Agreement accompanied by a series of sectoral agreements. At the end of May, the UK made public a proposal for such an agreement on Energy and Climate. The proposal is rather ambitious  in suggesting that the UK should remain/ become part of single day-ahead and intraday coupling and projects for the cross-border exchange of balancing electricity, as well as EU networks of transmission system operators and the Agency of energy regulators (ACER). The proposal is markedly different from the much more concise and principles-based draft of the Commission from March.

On 1 June, the Devolved Administrations also published their response to last years’ consultation on the future of UK carbon pricing. The document discusses proposals for a UK-wide emissions trading scheme, which could potentially be linked with the EU ETS.

The UK has until the end of June to request an extension to the transitional period. No such plans have been announced yet.